Currently out of print in book form, Shadow Publishing is offering a downloadable pdf file of Frightfully Cosy and Mild Stories for Nervous Types by Johnny Mains.


Not for the Squeamish! The collection contains twelve bizarre stories, five previously unpublished. From classic themes in his sequel to M. R. James’ ‘A Warning to the Curious’, to his wild take on traditional horror subject matter in the strange case of ‘The Were-Dwarf’, to the bleakly dark modern horror of ‘Cure’. This collection of extraordinary horror yarns will not disappoint genre fans who enjoy variety in the books they buy.


ISBN 978-0-9539032-5-2. 

Introduction by Stephen Volk.

Cover art by Richard Sampson.


From the twisted mind of British Fantasy Award winner Johnny Mains Comes 12 stories of death, betrayal, insanity and pregnancies...


“Johnny Mains not only carries a flame for the old horrors, but wants to cause a bit of a conflagration of his own. The most fitting result would be if the next generation of horror readers will look back with pleasure and affection at his tales as we did with the Pans and Fontanas of our ill-begotten youth” (Stephen Volk)


“Where other writers might veil their threats in layers of obscurity, Johnny Mains just tells it like it is and in doing so creates a collection which is instantly engaging yet persistently memorable” (www.blackabyss.co.uk)

Frightfully Cosy and Mild Stories for Nervous Types

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