The Lurkers in the Abyss and Other Tales of Terror


By David A. Riley. Introduction by David A. Sutton. Cover artwork by Paul Mudie.

ISBN 978-0-9539032-9-0. Paperback 280 pages, £11.99.


"These stories have a powerful insidiousness that eats away at the back of your mind and reappear when you least expect it.  Their ideas and utter maliciousness gnaw at you to the point where you begin to question the dark shapes in your bedroom or the creaking sounds in the hallway outside your door.

The universe that Riley presents is not a forgiving one.  Like Lovecraft, Riley’s early influence, his universe does not care about you nor is it concerned with whether you are a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ person or even what could be considered ‘fair’ in life.  Many of the main characters in Riley’s fiction are people who are simply going about their regular lives until something happens and suddenly they have been marked by darkness." (From the review on